Philippine College of Lifestyle Medicine
Inaugural Conference 2017

  Doris A. Mendoza, MD, FPPS

The speaker - a physician and pediatric-cardiologist who graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Medicine and trained at the UP-Philippine General Hospital,  the Kyoto University Hospital in Kyoto, Japan, the Children’s Medical Center of Israel in Petah Tiqva, Israel, and the Loma Linda University Medical Center International Heart institute,  in California, USA - describes how she transformed  from a physician-patient with life-threatening illnesses  into a “wounded healer”,  sharing reflections, realizations, and the lessons learned during the journey from illness back to health. She likewise imparts knowledge culled from readings and training at the Uchee Pines Lifestyle Center in Seale, Alabama that have led to her lifestyle advocacies.  A distinguished academician for 40 years, she was a pioneer professor of the College of Medicine of  West Visayas State University in Iloilo. Today, she is the founding and current Dean of the College of Medicine of Adventist University of the Philippines, for which she coined the College Motto: “Through Christ, Healing and Wholeness”,   and was first to incorporate Lifestyle Medicine in the curriculum of a medical school.
The term “wounded healer” goes back to Greek mythology, whereas the model of a “physician-wounded healer” was expounded by psychopathologist Carl Jung who stated: “ Only that which the doctor can put right in himself,  can he hope to put right in his patient.”  The definition of the term is presented, along with some contemporary examples of physician - wounded healers.  Most importantly, this treatise is a call to every person  to recognize the truth that each of us, created perfect by God in His own image,  have become wounded after the fall. To be transformed into a wounded healer,  who advocates a healthy & abundant life, each one is to emulate the example of the Ultimate Wounded Healer that ever lived, the One Who “was wounded for our transgressions” and “with His stripes we are healed.” [Isaiah 53:4-5]