Philippine College of Lifestyle Medicine

Hans Diehl, DrHSc, MPH, CNS, FACN
Keynote Speaker
​PCLM 2017

Revolutionizing Healthcare

Imagine you could motivate patients and many of their health care providers to turn chronic diseases around; diseases  like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and overweight, and you could do this without relying on pills and procedures! Happy, grateful patients and health care providers. But you don't have to imagine it any longer, because it is being done and published effecting tens of thousands of patients with the CHIP program, the Complete Health Improvement Program for many years. Learn more about CHIP and Lifestyle Medicine. Join the Philippine College of Lifestyle Medicine's inaugural conference and I'll see you there!
Johann Kim T Manez, MD, FACLM
President, PCLM

Join the Movement

The inaugural conference of the Philippine College of Lifestyle Medicine will mark the beginning of a revolutionary change in the way medicine is applied in the clinical setting. It will be a missed opportunity to decide not to attend. Join us this July 6, 2017 and experience life-changing speeches and presentations. Experience renewed hope for your loved ones with chronic diseases and if you're a medical doctor, join us in beating our top killer diseases and eliminating non-communicable diseases from our country!

Inaugural Conference, July6, 2017, 7:00 AM
Lifestyle Medicine Philippines:

Revolutionizing Healthcare

​Lifestyle Medicince in the Philippines officially launches with this year's inaugural conference!  Physicians, allied medical health professionals, hospital adminstrators, public health managers, fitness instructors, health advocates and wellness gurus will be here to witness the first ever conference of this new field of medical practice. 

This year's special guest and keynote speaker Dr. Hans Diehl, is one of the movers of Lifestyle Medicine in the U.S. and his now international Intensive Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (ITLC) program commonly known as CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program), is one that has helped more than 60,000 people regain their health and live their life to the full!  Join the hundreds who will be here to attend this rare opportunity to hear him speak in person!

Learn what's in store for you as an advocate of health and wellbeing. Learn how you can be a certified Lifestyle Medicine Doctor, or a certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional.  It all happens in this year's Philippine College of Lifestyle Medicine's inaugural conference. Don't delay! Join us by clicking the link below!